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when you feel there just isn’t enough time… try this

Even if you are seeking out support for depression with alternative therapy time seems to often be an issue.  Time and money are often our precious loves that we are constantly try to gain more of.  The interesting thing is that unlike money, at the end of the day we all have the same amount of time every day to use as we’d like.

I seriously used to feel like if I didn’t have so much energy going into my unresolved abandonment issues I would have WAY more time for myself and my business!

I’m wondering if you personally feel you have


the very important purpose of emotion

Can you even believe that all emotions that come from abandonment issues have an important purpose?! This is one of my favorite topics!!  They are really all my favorite, but I love this one in an extra special way.

One universal truth is that we all deal with feelings…we all deal with emotions whether we like it or not… it is part of this glorious life.

What can make our life so much easier is getting support in acknowledging these things like using alternative therapies for depression, anxiety, and relationship issues!

And isn’t it interesting that many of us have learned very powerful


3 things to get you through overwhelm

I used to feel SO overwhelmed…before I started doing self healing therapies.  A lot of the time it was going on for me; one of my learned patterns. Is overwhelm a regular part of your life?  I’m asking because many people deal with it even on a mild scale and for some it can become debilitating. Depending on what the underlying issues are overwhelm can keep us stuck and prevent us from moving forward.  In addition it can bring our energy down and we can  even end up numbing out. If any of this resonates with you, please watch this


what are you thinking?

It wasn’t until I did a little self help therapy that I was able to get control of my mind. You know the feeling of being overly stimulated mentally and thoughts are just flying everywhere? Holistic therapies can help! Some thoughts are usually pretty negative that can seem like they have the power to take you down!  Sometimes life requires us to literally “check” ourselves before we unintentionally create an unwanted experience in our lives aka “wreck ourselves.”  Sometimes negative thought traffic can stem from depression and anxiety and many other issues.  I know for me forgiveness therapy and holistic


2 little known secrets about anxiety

When I was still living in New York, I had an acupuncturist friend tell me that he believed 50% of Manhattan is taking some kind of anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds.  Immediately, I thought that I wanted to give my fellow New Yorker’s the gift of self healing therapy, and holistic therapy for depression.  I was fantasizing about that statistic turning around. It wasn’t a huge surprise since NYC is so busy and there are many things that go on in that city that could easily trigger a person’s anxiety which really is the “fight or flight” response inside of us.


are you comfortable with telling the truth?

Holistic therapies teach us that in order to get to the root of all ailments and issues we need to tell the truth about how we feel. Consider yourself lucky if you had teachers growing up who repeatedly told the truth!  You probably heard in childhood that “telling the truth” was the “right” thing to do…even though you may have witnessed situations where dishonesty was the main issue.  I don’t know about you my in my childhood I didn’t necessarily have role models that were honest… it eventually led me to not tell the truth to myself and attract people


When looking in the mirror ain’t pretty

What I personally find fascinating is how using holistic therapies to look more deeply at people, things, and situations can serve us as a whole.  Like, have you ever noticed times in your life where other people seem to irritate you a lot more than usual? Or maybe you have had times when things other people say or do things (including loved ones) and it just seems to affect you in some way and possibly trigger you with different degrees of emotion like anger, resentment, or any emotion that ultimately keeps you disconnected from other people?
The truth is


at least 4 things to try when you feel angry

Let me first start by saying I realized I had so much unresolved anger pushed down inside when I began my self healing journey doing holistic therapies.  I truly thanked God for forgiveness therapy! Anger is such a natural part of our human process, but it’s not often talked about in terms of how to deal with it.  In our society we just get to see how anger is acted out like with violence or resentment but we rarely hear about how to take care of it.

I’m wondering if you ever learned how to deal with anger?  And I’m curious


what you really need in your life and why

Through self healing I have learned that we all have certain needs in order to feel good about ourselves and good about life.  Have you ever thought about this?  I have had teachers tell me in the past that the hardest thing to identify is often what we need specifically- and I have found that to be absolutely true.  I needed help- and for me that looked like holistic therapy to really get clear on what I needed to move forward emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. What is illuminating is that our whole sense of well being is really based


3 quick things you can do to calm negative mind chatter

Before I embarked on my own self healing, I had a ton of what I call negative thought traffic.  Can you relate to times when your mind is just literally running wild with all kinds of rampid thoughts, worries, justifications, and stories?  It is said that humans can think up to 70,000 thoughts per day!! Wow, that’s a lot of thoughts. Do you ever find that your mind won’t stop running especially once you are in bed ready to fall asleep…? But it just keeps on going reminding you of all your frustrations, fears,  things to do, reflections, etc.  This