Terms and Conditions

This is a release of liability form for Marnina Reid.
By purchasing or participating in practices or programs at MarninaReid.com or material distributed from MarninaReid.com, you limit your legal rights. Please read carefully.

Holistic Therapy: The term “Holistic Therapy” is not a registered trademark, is not regulated by any licensing or certification, and does not indicate any particular training or methodology.

Emotional release methods and Body/Mind therapies: These are also alternative therapies and should not be construed with psychotherapy. These processes have a completely different intention and philosophy than psychotherapy, and employ radically different technologies.
As will any wellness programs, including those of conventional medicine, there is inherent risk involved.

By purchasing or participating in practices or programs at MarninaReid.com or material distributed from MarninaReid.com, you are acknowledging this risk and agreeing that any therapies that you engage in and/or life-style modifications you make are done so voluntarily (of your own choice.) You are also agreeing to take full personal responsibility for whatever happens as a result of services rendered and to fully release the above mentioned and any of her associates or associated businesses/organizations (including but not limited to: Marnina Reid, Body Mind College, Dr, Barry Green) from ALL legal and/or financial liability whatsoever. All people with serious health and/or psychological conditions should seek proper qualified attention immediately.

Healing and personal evolution are controlled by a myriad of seen and unseen factors, and as such, no guarantees or definitive statements can be made regarding what will or will not happen for you. The information in this document supersedes anything expressed or interpreted as expressed at any other time.

This is a binding legal document: if there is any part of you that does not understand, it is your responsibility to get that clarity before signing.

You understand that all services rendered by the above mentioned are alternative therapies for the sole purpose of educating/informing, and are not designed to take the place of licensed health care services. Any therapies you chose to participate in and/or actions you choose to make as the result of the information shared are done so consciously and with full acknowledgment of the risk, and you assume full personal responsibility for any results.

You have read and understand this release form and agree to all the terms and conditions.