I believe we all need support in some way; whether it is grief relief, codependency healing, or abandonment therapy.  It is not easy to go on this “change-your-life journey” alone.  We need different kinds of support such as practical, humorous, spiritual, and sincere all rolled into one. That’s what you will find here at RE-ID. Making changes in your life can feel very scary.  I hear you. I want to show you that living the life you want can be illuminating, magical, and even fun.  Allow me to show you how and schedule your first break-through session with me.

Rediscover and Renew YOU in 8 short weeks

Get grief relief and support with anxiety, depression, codependency healing, and some major loving abandonment therapy, and more with this is a 8-week online, comprehensive, one-of-a-kind program that will stimulate the inner workings of your being.  The work just works! All you need to do is stay with the program and you will undoubtedly see and feel positive changes in yourself and your life.  Rediscover and Renew You shows you step-by-step how to deal with everyday frustrations, grief, anxiety, depression, overall codependency help, and other ongoing issues women tend to deal with in family life, relationships, and career. You will learn how to clear the root of what causes you these undesirable experiences. Ideal for those short on time! This program comes with weekly group coaching calls and special bonuses that will support you in your growth and progress. You will also have access to a community of support at your finger tips with other members going through the same process. You will see how easy feeling better can be when you reconnect with your deeper needs and are equipped to deal with life’s most challenging situations.   When you need emotional support, even if it’s at 3 am when you can’t sleep because you are worried about something, this program will be there for you.  Please join our email list for more information about when the next program begins.

FAQ’s for Renew You in 8 weeks


If you love and prefer one-on-one time, check out these options that come in different packages: (wink, wink)

All sessions can be done in person, over the phone, or via Skype.

Clarifying Jumpstart Retreat:  1 day in San Diego, CA

We all need to start somewhere. You have what it takes to be happier and healthier.  As I like to say, “Only you can make the choice.” If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, and relationships or are feeling lost in life and just want to feel better or get some grief relief, but are not ready to make a bigger commitment, then this day is for you. Spend a full day to kick start all the changes you would love to see in your life.  We will look at your main blockages together, go over critical feedback, do major clearing, and look at doable steps to get you on the road to loving life. You will learn to view your personal growth process as fun as you break through major barriers. I will help you gain practical and fun tools that will help you feel better quickly and move forward. You will leave with tools on how to work with your most pressing issues; mentally, emotionally, or physically and receive follow-up coaching. Please contact me for more information.

Internal Makeover: 90 days of weekly therapy/coaching

It has been said that humans need a minimum of 21 days to form new habits. However, with an internal makeover, you will be going much deeper than that. Begin creating a whole new foundation and uncover your hidden greatness that is just waiting to be acknowledged. Get grief relief whether it’s dealing with a recent or past trauma; emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual, just not feeling great about you, or general codependency healing, we will work with the root of your stress clearing anxiety, depression, grief, and fear like never before.  Imagine finally feeling like you are on the right path in life and attain practical fun tools to deal with life’s most difficult challenges and lessons. Please contact me for more information.

Accelerated Transformation: 7 months of weekly therapy/coaching

Imagine a garden that has some beautiful flowers, but is terribly overcrowded with weeds. Imagine how seeing this contrasting image would feel. This is literally how our subconscious mind works. We are all loving, wonderful people and yet quite often our unresolved past pain and hurts sabotage us and keep us stuck and not living the life of our dreams. Leap forward in your life like never before. Consistent work on yourself will uncover the YOU you’ve always known was there once we clear the debris. This means healing codependency, abandonment, and grief from the root. Feel the freedom of truly overcoming patterns, situations, and obstacles that truly transform your being from the inside out.  Finally heal from codependency through abandonment therapy. Please contact me for more information.