Who I am…

Welcome! I am Marnina Reid.

My biggest desire is to help you overcome inner blocks such as anxiety and depression, overcoming sadness, and seemingly outer blocks such as stuff with other people, and issues that have kept you from loving and accepting yourself in your life, and have kept you from experiencing the fulfillment in life you have always known was possible for you, with the help of alternative holistic medicine and practices.  Believe it or not,  the tools you can learn are practical, simple, and fun!

I am here to help you get happy in a way you maybe didn’t even know existed.

If you are like me, than maybe you are in need grief counseling, grief therapy, or help just need support with overcoming sadness. Anything is possible with alternative holistic medicine and therapy.  It allows us to transform ourselves by uncovering the deepest root of our pain.

To me, happiness means first knowing what you need in all of the areas of being human, meeting those needs, finding fulfillment in your relationships (all of them, especially the one with yourself), and feeling a deep inner knowing that you actually CAN create the life you know you were meant to live.

As you know, people deal with their un-met emotional, mental, and physical needs in a variety of interesting ways. Maybe they go to traditional therapy, maybe they talk with friends, maybe they drink or smoke, or shop or have sex. Definitely therapy  and/or talking with friends can absolutely help! However, the other ones…well…not so much when the goal is to numb out.

I believe you can heal your life easily, AND it can be a blast!

What if you were so intrigued in your own movie of life (not in a narcissistic way) that dealing with your “un-resolved stuff” became a cool process that you love showing up for?! This is what I’d like to offer you.  Times are changing!  With alternative holistic medicine and therapy, you don’t need to go to therapy for 20 years to see changes in your life. Just the free content on this site alone is life changing if you really apply it. You can actually begin to feel better and happier fast. There is no limit on how quickly you can become happy with yourself and your life.

Like you, I was someone who really suffered from anxiety and depression. At one point I felt lost and desperate…I was making choices that didn’t even feel like me, and it caused me a lot of pain and hardship. I even tried medication and didn’t get the results I was hoping for. I was open to try something new because, to me, anything was better than how I felt. Nothing was really working in my life. I was barely getting by financially, ready to drop out of college, and had extremely dysfunctional personal relationships. I also made choices that had my family on the edge of disowning me. I was a mess! I needed help.  I needed to deal with my grief and needed support in overcoming sadness.  In a relatively short amount of time, I was able to completely shift out of all of those negative feelings naturally though relatable, fun, profound, and practical exercises. The same ones I can teach you. My journey started more than 14 years ago.

Many years after I began, I have run workshops and worked one-on-one with many clients that have seen and experienced startling results from our work together.

I love to take common issues and break them down into a simple, practical, fun, hip, step-by-step process by offering you a free video each week with Q&A or just plain juicy common topics that are often frustrating and get the way. What is most important about this work is the results. This work just works!  You just need to decide. These simple exercises and processes are usually something you can practice in literally 3-5 minutes a day.

You don’t want to miss out on being a subscriber…. its FREE!! You will receive my latest insights and easy exercises in a weekly email or video.

You don’t need drugs or twenty years of therapy to feel enthralled with who you are and the life you’ve created.  You just need a vision of your happy self, some major commitment to make it happen, and, most of all, a little silliness and “your-stomach-hurts laughter.”

My commitment is to bring you the very best of me and what I have learned and attained. I care deeply about your healing and finding real peace and happiness inside. I am so far from perfect and definitely make mistakes from time to time, but I am absolutely committed to healing and growth. It’s not a shameful, confrontational thing…and it certainly doesn’t have to be as heavy as society sometimes portrays it to be. I love to deliver big-time results in a fun, intriguing, lighthearted, but-deeply profound-at-the-same-time way. I hope you really love it!