2 little known secrets about anxiety

When I was still living in New York, I had an acupuncturist friend tell me that he believed 50% of Manhattan is taking some kind of anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds.  Immediately, I thought that I wanted to give my fellow New Yorker’s the gift of self healing therapy, and holistic therapy for depression.  I was fantasizing about that statistic turning around. It wasn’t a huge surprise since NYC is so busy and there are many things that go on in that city that could easily trigger a person’s anxiety which really is the “fight or flight” response inside of us.  When this happens over and over again in our daily lives, our adrenals get burned out and the stress begins to affect many other systems in our body mind.  Can you relate to this scenario on some level? Imagine how the city would shift if there was holistic therapies for everyone available to work out their aggression and pain.

I’d like to share with you today that anxiety like many other experiences are often a symptom of some sort of trauma that is inside of us and still unresolved.

The good news is that resolution is always possible and available if you are open and willing for it to happen; however it might require you asking for help outside of yourself sometimes to be able to sail through things.

I’ve found for myself that the more I am able to forgive (forgiveness therapy) the less anxiety shows up in my life. I am so grateful and excited to have you experience life changing alternative therapies for depression!

Please watch this week’s video on “anxiety” and try on some of the suggestions right away!

I’d LOVE to see your comments and hear about what you’ve done in your life to help any anxiety.  Please share in the comments below this video.

Wishing you a wonderful week!






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