what are you thinking?

It wasn’t until I did a little self help therapy that I was able to get control of my mind. You know the feeling of being overly stimulated mentally and thoughts are just flying everywhere? Holistic therapies can help! Some thoughts are usually pretty negative that can seem like they have the power to take you down!  Sometimes life requires us to literally “check” ourselves before we unintentionally create an unwanted experience in our lives aka “wreck ourselves.”  Sometimes negative thought traffic can stem from depression and anxiety and many other issues.  I know for me forgiveness therapy and holistic therapy for depression has helped calmed my mind immensely!  Can you relate to times when you’ve maybe felt scared that the worst is going to happen, or possibly caught yourself thinking something very negative about a specific outcome?  Sometimes these thought processes can be going on and we aren’t even aware that they are happening.  They’re just programs running in the background unconsciously. The good news is that there is effective alternative therapy for depression!

If you’d like some help in checking yourself, please watch this video!

I’d like to offer you an opportunity this week to observe and become aware of the emotional tone of your thoughts and see if any insight comes of it.  Please write a comment below this video and share your thoughts and experiences.  We can all benefit from your share.


Sending you tons of love and peaceful thoughts!


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