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sleepwalking your life away

the person you wish would change

what do you have to have?

does it feel hard to commit?

does your past pain cloud your life?

how deep do you go in your relationships?

the important purpose of fun

make sure your loved ones know before it’s too late

Do Your Loved Ones Know That You are Holding On to Unresolved Emotions. Holistic Healing Therapies Can Help you to face this and let go of Your Unwanted Emotions.

Even if you are recovering from codependency and codependent relationships, it’s easy to go through this life and feel unresolved with loved ones whether it is family members, past romantic relationship partners, or friends.  On some level, we tend to hold on to past resentment, anger, hurt, or any other feeling you can think of.

Holistic healing therapies especially the emotional work can help you let go in a way that honors


simple things that can help with constant worry

An emotional health counselor Can Help You to Remove the constant Worry and Fear you may have.

Before I started committing to holistic healing therapies, I was a worrier. So many of us worry ourselves right into anxiety mode and even make ourselves sick.  How many times in your life can you recall receiving information that made your stomach drop?  Or possibly just not having a great feeling about some thing in your life that needs your attention and needs some sort of shifting or change.

Even when you’ve officially ignited your healing process worry can still come up… I remember


what is the gift in your situation?

Holistic Healing Therapies can Help You Find The Gift in Any Situation Even the Worst Ones.

Don’t you have those days sometimes where you feel that your life is missing some of the “good stuff” or like one of my clients said (I will quote the best that I remember) “It just feels like each day has a mild grey cloud over it.”

What I’ve learned through observing life and via holistic healing therapies is that every stage of life is there to teach us something.  It is practically an invitation to go deeper inside ourselves even though it might not be