sleepwalking your life away

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  1. Christina Chen

    I suffered from depression throughout my twenties, and into my early thirties. I didn’t know how to deal with it, and doctors I went to put me on anti-depressants that took the edge off of my depression–just enough so that I could function pretty normally and didn’t have the motivation to commit suicide. The medication numbed out the feelings of misery and worthlessness and replaced them with a constant, low-level sadness. I was totally sleepwalking through life; nothing made me particularly happy or extremely sad, and I didn’t feel connected to anything. I had no motivation to change any of my self-destructive patterns, because I wasn’t even really aware that I was that unhappy, at least while I took the anti-depressants.

    Thankfully, there came a time when I realized that I didn’t want to go through life having to take drugs that rendered me unable to feel any extremes of feeling. Even though I was scared to feel depressed again, I really missed being able to feel truly happy. So I went in search of help–specifically, help that didn’t involve medication–and the universe sent me to Marnina Reid. I am so grateful that I went to her; she provided me with tools that empowered me to get myself out of depression. I was able to break unhealthy patterns in my behavior, establish boundaries to protect myself from negative influences, and focus on building positive thought processes. I feel better than I have in 20 years!

    • Marnina Reid

      Hi Christina! I love how you shared your story about your past…thank you! It truly is very inspiring and I’m so happy that the holistic therapy has really worked for you. It has been such an honor to witness your process over time and see your changes. You have done amazing work. What you wrote about your experience with the meds was insightful, and I can imagine that a ton of people have the same experience. As you probably know from me talking before; I relate to your story as it’s very similar to my own. When I tried medication for anxiety so so long ago and finally came into the healing world, because anything was better than how I felt and I wasn’t getting any results with medication. As we know, we get the empowerment from ourselves and not an external thing. Yay!!

      I’m so happy to know you Christina! xoxo



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