I’m so excited to say that I need your help!

I Have Put my Heart, Soul and All of My Holistic Health Practitioner Training into Your New Program.

In the last 15 years I have been so passionate about resolving abandonment issues and integrating alternative therapy for depression, that one of my long term dreams has been to create a digital online program with all the healing tools that I’ve learned over time and make it available to people.  It has taken some time but it is finally ready. It’s called Renew You in 8 Weeks.  What I’ve found is that many people are short on time and money and are


How to handle shameful Feelings

A Good Holistic Health Practitioner Can Help You to Overcome Shameful Feelings.

Shame can be such a debilitating emotion and so many people deal with it. Especially those of us with abandonment issues and looking for depression alternative therapy. If it is not addressed layers of pain usually show up in different ways in our lives in all of your relationships, especially the most important one…the relationship with ourselves.  If you can relate then you know how challenging these unresolved feelings can make our life.

As a holistic health practitioner, I believe the truth is that we have all done or witnessed


have you always felt that you deserve more?

Have You Always Felt You Deserve More? A Good Holistic Health Practitioner Can Help Show You the Way.

This is another one of my absolute favorites…

I hope it touches you as much as it touched me.

If you are like me, than you’ve probably suffered from abandonment issues in some way…

I’d like to know if you’ve ever felt that your family  (the one you were born into) didn’t in the past or currently doesn’t really see you and acknowledge you for the person you are.  It’s kind of a heavy subject but many people have this ongoing pain in life that they


Find what's missing in your life, then be that thing to yourself. - T.D. Jakes

what to do when you don’t feel heard

Have You Always Felt Life is hard because of abandonment issues.
Alternative Therapy with a Good Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) Can Help.

Isn’t it so frustrating at times when you feel you are not feeling or being heard in your primary relationship or even certain friendships? Especially if you are someone who has suffered from abandonment issues; it can often feel like you are right back in that childhood place.  It’s definitely one of those things that is  just draining after a while. Not to mention the resentment that gets created in a relationship where there is a constant experience of not


for those who dread change

One of the reasons I love being a holistic health practitioner is because I always get to go right down to the core with situations and patterns.

When our life is changing and we can’t see where it’s going, things can feel very scary at best. Then at times change comes naturally and feels wonderfully appropriate and like a breath of fresh air.  There are also times when we need to facilitate change in order to change the direction of our lives and create a particular result or feeling.

If  you’ve been looking for some depression alternative therapys t or deep down inside


Times that are hard to accept

If you are anything like me than maybe you’ve dealt with abandonment issues growing up.  Often times it is easy to get very attached to our own ideas about occurrences in life that tend to judge should or should not happen.  And yet sometimes life just naturally changes our direction when things don’t seemingly go our way or happen unexpectedly.

This can be so challenging! It is likely to lead to depression if left unresolved.

If you have been looking for some depression alternative therapy don’t miss this video. All of this can bring up deep unresolved feelings to the surface; and


3 steps to turn helpless feelings into hopeful ones

I believe we all as humans go through dark times.  This could look like being in the thick of abandonment issues. Maybe some don’t acknowledge that but it is part of the natural ebb and flow of life.  Sometimes the dark times can feel very helpless and even hopeless.  And some people feel it for months on end and even years and end up living their lives feeling very disconnected to any sense of personal power and love, or inspiration. Can you relate to ever feeling that way at times?  I can definitely relate and I’ll share with you that


what are you feeling right in this second?

If you were to just take a few seconds to check in with yourself, what feelings do you feel right in this moment? Identifying what you are feeling is one of the very first steps of attaining emotional freedom.  This was such a huge part of my process for me in my holistic health practitioner training.

For example, have there been times where have you felt something was going on with someone like maybe a loved one and they never quite acknowledged how they were feeling but you had a sense based on their energy?  You just knew something was up


when you feel there just isn’t enough time… try this

Even if you are seeking out support for depression with alternative therapy time seems to often be an issue.  Time and money are often our precious loves that we are constantly try to gain more of.  The interesting thing is that unlike money, at the end of the day we all have the same amount of time every day to use as we’d like.

I seriously used to feel like if I didn’t have so much energy going into my unresolved abandonment issues I would have WAY more time for myself and my business!

I’m wondering if you personally feel you have


the very important purpose of emotion

Can you even believe that all emotions that come from abandonment issues have an important purpose?! This is one of my favorite topics!!  They are really all my favorite, but I love this one in an extra special way.

One universal truth is that we all deal with feelings…we all deal with emotions whether we like it or not… it is part of this glorious life.

What can make our life so much easier is getting support in acknowledging these things like using alternative therapies for depression, anxiety, and relationship issues!

And isn’t it interesting that many of us have learned very powerful