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The Pain of Resentment and Holding Grudges

When you make a decision to change your life and begin your self healing therapy, you will quickly realize it is all about looking at yourself, actions, and behaviors/feelings.  Resentment and grudge holding are filled with powerful feelings, most of them are unwanted and don’t feel good at all.  Can you relate?  Have you ever been in a situation with a loved one where you had some sort of “falling out” and things were never the same emotionally for you since then?  I can share with you that I’ve had times in my life before I was doing forgiveness therapy


Welcome, I am so happy you’re here!

I have dreamed of a website that could somehow magically support me in my worst moments.

Such moments are when I am contemplating making a life-changing decision or when I can’t sleep because my mind is going around in circles and chattering away. Even though I have had several mentors and teachers over the years, I have often wished for support with just one click of a button, especially when my energy was low and I had tears in my eyes. It’s tough for many to add one more thing to our busy lives. Aside from whatever is going on emotionally,


It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
J.K. Rowling