why people can make you happier…not happy

4 Responses to “why people can make you happier…not happy”

  1. Karyn Lee-Garcia

    Thanks for sharing this blog post! My experience was more about never relying on others to make myself happy. However, the repercussions of that were me never wanting to ask for help or not seeing how (even when right in front of my face) someone could (and was!) making me happy. This resonated with me and made me cheer for myself for how far I’ve come in my life.

    Love + Light-

    • Marnina Reid

      Hi Karyn! Great to see you here, and thanks so much for sharing! Yes not asking for help is such a big one…especially with us women! I’m so happy that you had the awareness of seeing how far you’ve come. :) I have can resonate with both ends…feeling disappointed from having expectations about people and not asking for help at the same time!



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