Get yourself unstuck and moving forward


Similar to depression feeling stuck can be so miserable! It’s almost the same thing… Especially around the holidays this overwhelming sense of stuck can feel paralyzing when dealing with some family situations, and trigger deep unresolved feelings. I’m sure you can relate on some level to what I mean. What’s shocking is that some people have been stuck in their lives for years…maybe they tell themselves they are doing something about it, but their loved ones rarely see any action on the outside. Do you know someone like this? Have you ever wondered why it seems they are usually unable to move forward?

Well, a lot of it has to do with what they learned in childhood about life. However, no matter what we have learned in our past, the good news is we always have a choice in the here and now. See my past video blog on “making choices.” If you are having a similar experience in your life right now, you got to watch this video. Its short and sweet and will give you a few actionable items to implement right away. (Hint, Action!) :) You can watch it right here “get yourself unstuck and moving forward.”

I’d also like to know what your thoughts are on this topic and what you personally do to help yourself when you feel stuck. Is it scary for you? Also, how do you handle the holidays when dealing with this topic. Please post your comments underneath this video.

Sending you lots of love in moving forward with your life, and happy holidays to you and your loved ones!




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